How to create your own catalogue

How to create your own catalogue - PSS My Pages

My Catalogue is a function that lets you create your own professional catalogue with the pages of your selection from this website. Your catalogue can be downloaded as PDF or you can share your selection of pages with your friends and colleagues.

The principle is done in three steps:

1. Select pages:

Browse around the website and select the pages you wish to include in your catalogue. To add/select a page, click the link "Select this page" in the right column of the page.

As you select pages, you will see a link in the upper right corner of the page indicating how many pages you have selected.


2. Configure you catalogue

When you have selected your pages of interest, click the link "My Catalogue (n)" in the upper right corner of this website. This takes you to the "My Catalogue" page where you can configurate you catalogue further:

  • Sort order:
    You can change the order of the pages by drag-dropping the thumbnail images of the pages.
  • Delete:
    You can delete a page by clicking the X button of the thumbnail image of the page.
  • Include images:
    If this is checked, images will be included in the generated PDF. The images will be small and optimised for home printing.
    If this is not checked, only text will be included in the generated PDF.
  • Include accessories:
    If this is checked, all accessories available for the product pages selected will also be included in the generated PDF.
    If this is not checked, only the product information will be included.
  • Send:
    Click this link if you wish to share the My Catalogue configuration page. The receiver will get an email with a unique link to this exact page. He/she can continue generating a PDF or continue adding page or configurating this page.
  • Link:
    When you click this page, a dedicated url is created for the My Catalogue configuration page. You can use this URL to share your catalogue on social media or to create bookmark in your browser for later use.


3. Make and share your catalogue

NOTE: This function requires that you have installed Acrobat Reader or similar PDF viewer on your computer.

When you wish to create your catalogue as PDF, click the button "Make PDF". This will start generating your catalogue on the fly, based on the content from the pages you have selected (in real time!). This may take between 2-20 seconds based on how many pages you have selected.

The preview of the page will open. From this preview you can verify the catalogue before taking further actions. You can return to the config page by clicking outside the catalogue area or on the X button and do other changes.

You have two options at the bottom of the preview page:

  • Save:
    Click this link to saves your catalogue as PDF to you computer.
  • Send:
    Click this link to send an email with your catalogue (as PDF) as an attachment.

Futher more, as this function uses Acrobat Reader, you can also use this programs functions for sending, saving and printing your catalogue.

Click here to return to the setup page of My Catalogue