Light Duty Cantilever


Light Duty Cantilever

Whether you need to store long lengths of timber,  plastic pipes, mouldings or other light weight long goods horizontally  safely, the Light Duty cantilever racking system is the perfect soloution. 

Made from sturdy galvanised steel, the Light Duty Cantilever is offered as single sided racks to go against a wall or double sided for accessing both sides.

  • No limitation in regards to the length of
    the stored products

  • It ensures order and the safe storage of
    long goods

  • Suitable for interior and external installations

  • The length of the arm and the distance between uprights can be adjusted depending
    on the weight of the load

  • Fully modular, add extra sections as you need them

  • Quality management in accordance with
    EN ISO 9001:2000 implemented and
    certified by TUV RHEINLAND

Typical applications:

  • DIY
  • Manufacturing
  • Plumbing and pipes industry
  • Workshops

Ideal for storage of light weight long goods

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Light Duty Cantilever

Light Duty Cantilever Flexible Positioning of Arms

Flexible positioning of the arms

The uprights feature holes punched at a 100mm pitch to give great flexibility in positioning the arms. The arms are made up of 2mm steel with welded reinforcements. The arm‘s profile is optimised for safe and secure storage of the goods.


Light Duty Cantilever End Stoppers

End stoppers

Removable stoppers at the end of each arm to anchor the pipes.


Light Duty Cantilever Base 


The base is made of 3mm steel and is bolted to the upright.


Light Duty Cantilever Bracings


The bracings are designed for maximum resilience.


Light Duty Cantilever Dividers 


These removable dividers can help organise 
and store multiple items on one level.


Light Duty Cantilever

Made from sturdy galvanised  steel, the system  is ideal  for outside installations.

System Height: 2000 mm and 2500 mm
Arm lengths: 300 / 400 / 500/  700mm
Max. Load / arm: 163-400 kg, depending on layout
Max. Load / column: 1300-4500 kg, depending on layout
Upright offset: 1000 / 1250 / 1500 / 1750 / 2000 mm

Maximum 8 arm levels per side side.

The loads are calculated in accordance with the relevant standard FEM 10.2.09. If you predict higher loads on the racking, please use our heavy cantilever system.

For other dimensions, please contact us.