Premierack Pallet Racking


Premierack Pallet Racking - Description - PSS Pallet Racking

Choosing the right pallet racking system is vital, you need a solution that not only makes it easy to store and access your pallets, but can be easily adapted to your changing requirements. Premierack pallet racking is a flexible system suitable for multiple storage applications.

Our modern European manufacturing facilities produce Premierack in a quality assured environment. Stringent control processes ensure high quality steel is used to manufacture Premierack racking within strict tolerances.

Whatever your storage challenge, the Premierack system adjusts effortlessly to your setting. Whether you are storing stock of various dimensions, need to make more of your space without extending your building or require easier access to your stock, this flexible storage system has a wide number of uses and range of accessories to meet your needs.

You can be assured that Premierack pallet racking provides a quality storage solution every time.


Premierack Pallet Racking - Range - PSS Pallet Racking

The benefits

  • Adjustable pallet racking for static and dynamic storage
  • Modular design adapts easily to your requirements
  • Wide choice of frames and beams, with painted or galvanised finish
  • Frame heights up to 25 metres, individual bay widths up to 4500mm and bay loads up to 18 tonnes
  • Extensive range of accessories


Premierack Pallet Racking - Specifications - PSS Pallet Racking

The PSS Premierack adjustable pallet racking system, with its built in adjustablity and extensive range of accessories, easily adapts to meet your needs.

 A wide range of frame and beam widths are available.

          Frame heights to 25metres

          Clear entry bays up to 5000mm wide

          Beam height increments of just 50mm


Premierack pallet racking upright with box beam and connector showing location of safety pin insertion graphical drawing 395x395