Pallet Pull-out Unit


Pallet Pull-out Unit - Description - PSS Pallet Racking

Within an optimised and efficient warehouse every item should be stored correctly and yet be also easily accessible. PSS have therefore designed the Pull-out Unit to allow fast, but easy picking and storage of small or heavy items within the main pallet racking structure.


Optimised picking


The pallet Pull-out Unit allows the safe handling and picking of heavy goods directly from a pallet.

This system means you no longer need to remove items from their original pallets, goods stored on the pull-out unit can be picked by hand directly from the racking.

Releasing the safety catch and pulling on the unit’s handle results in the pallet and its goods being brought out of the rack into the aisle, making them accessible from three sides for hand picking.

This new method of accessing pallets can not only improve efficiency, but also ensure the maximum safety for operatives.


Pallet Pull-out Unit - Specifications - PSS Pallet Racking

Pallet Pull-out units are available either floor or beam mounted, with the option of 2-way movement for single deep racking.

All units are supplied with ball bearing runners for smooth operation with stoppers at the front and back.

The pull-out units can be tailored, according to the type of goods, their weight/volume and the required position within the rack, in order to obtain optimum efficiency and the correct height for safe picking.

The unit itself has a height of 160mm and once extended, the units protrude from the racking by 730mm.