Stronglock Pallet Racking


Stronglock Pallet Racking - Description - PSS Pallet Racking

When selecting a pallet-racking system you need to know it’s strong enough to cope and adjustable for any situation. That’s where Stronglock pallet racking proves its worth. This strong and adjustable solution not only makes the most of your space, it gives you confidence knowing your goods are safe in a robust structure.



From storing stock at different heights, to saving space and making your operations more efficient, Stronglock matches every storage demand. This strong static and dynamic solution also features a wide range of accessories to meet your individual needs.


Our modern European manufacturing facilities produce Stronglock in a quality assured environment. Stringent control processes ensure high quality steel is used to manufacture Stronglock within strict tolerances.

You can be assured that Stronglock will provide a quality storage solution every time.




Stronglock Pallet Racking - Range - PSS Pallet Racking

    The benefits


  • Adjustable pallet racking for static and dynamic storage
  • Modular design adapts easily to your requirements
  • Wide choice of frames and beams, with painted or galvanised
  • Frame heights up to 25 metres, individual bay widths up to 4500mm and bay loads up to 20 tonnes


Stronglock Pallet Racking - Specification - PSS Pallet Racking

Stronglock Pallet Racking is designed for the storage of palletised goods. Many alternative rack configurations are made possible with a wide range of beam and frame sizes and a large range of accessories.

Pallet racking heights of 12m can be acheived with single uprights and heights of up to 25m can be acheived but then specialised forklift trucks will be required.

Bay loads of 20,000kg

Beam loads of up to 5,000kg on a 2.7m span are possible.

Beams up to 5m are available.

PSS Stronglock pallet racking upright painted in blue