Wire Mesh Decking/Shelving


Wire Mesh Decking/Shelving - Description - PSS Pallet Racking

Wire Mesh Decking is a highly versatile shelving and decking solution offering significant benefits over traditional shelving, for both Fire and Safety regulations. It quickly converts pallet racking into shelving for smaller items without a loss in loading capacity.

Quick and easy shelving

Each wire mesh panel is quickly positioned between two pallet racking box beams, creating an instant shelf for small boxed items or irregular sized palletised goods.

Each panel is manufactured from steel wire mesh, with three flared channels for strength and held in place by the “waterfall” design of the front and back edges.

To ensure resilience and prevent rusting each mesh panel is coated in a grey, highly durable, paint finish.

Fire safety protection

Wire mesh decking provides a compliant storage system allowing smoke and heat to rise and percolation of sprinkler water down into storage areas.

Closed decking and shelving made of wooden or metal panels causes smoke and fire to travel and spread horizontally while prohibiting fire prevention methods.

The use of Wire Mesh Shelving can reduce the number of levels requiring sprinklers and also the number of heads needed for an overall scheme.


Wire Mesh Decking/Shelving - Specifications - PSS Pallet Racking

At a glance

  • Quickly fitted to covert most racking systems into shelving
  • Depths of 900mm and 1100mm
  • Maximum load per panel: 1000kg UDL
  • Optimises sprinkler percolation & smoke detection
  • Effective air circulation & improved lighting levels

 Mesh Decking Panel Dimensions

Width Depth Load UDL
864mm 900mm 1000Kg
1320mm 900mm 1000Kg
864mm 1100mm 1000Kg
1320mm 1100mm 1000Kg


Number of Mesh Decks required per pallet racking bay



Mesh Panel




1350mm 1 -
1800mm - 2
2250mm 1 1
2700mm 2 -
3300mm 1 2
3600mm 2 1