Plastic Storage Bins


Plastic Storage Bins - Description - PSS Special Products Solutions

If you work in a warehouse, workshop, school or office, you’ll know how important it is to stay organised. Plastic Storage Bins can help, making it easy to manage your small items.

The Plastic Storage Bins are available in three colours and a choice of three sizes to help you easily store, identify and scan items.

Stack to suit your space

You can stack Plastic Storage Bins on top of each other whilst maintaining access.

Each bin features a wide flat ledge with a raised outer lip and locating lugs, so they’re simple to stack. Recessed panels also make the bins more rigid and provide slots for dividers.


Plastic Storage Bins - Specifications - PSS Special Products Solutions


Plastic storage boxes are available in three colours, green, red and blue, enabling colour coding of items and easy identification.


Width Height Depth
185mm 145mm 300mm
185mm 145mm 450mm
370mm 145mm 300mm