Stronglock Narrow Aisle increases warehouse capacity for Prestigious Textiles

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Stronglock Narrow Aisle increases warehouse capacity for Prestigious Textiles

A PSS Distributor - Warehouse Storage Solutions Ltd, racked out a major new warehouse with Narrow Aisle pallet racking and a mezzanine floor for Prestigious Textiles.

Founded in 1988, Pretigious Textiles have a custom-built facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where automated cut-lengths, piece-goods in standard dimensions  and sampling departments operate alongside bulk stock warehousing. Using sophisticated technology goods are despatched daily to destinations all around the world. 

The Requirement

Prestigious Textiles’ new warehouse  had already been built and they were looking to move product from the existing warehouse into their new premises as quickly as possible. Prestigious Textiles decided to put the installation out to tender and had a simple requirement of increasing their storage capacity.

The Solution

The tender process involved Warehouse Storage Solutions working working closely with Prestigious Textiles Ltd to ensure that the racking specification suited their various products. After a number of concept designs, Prestigious Textiles awarded the contract to Warehouse Storage Solutions who had recommended   using PSS’s Stronglock pallet racking for the project.

Due to the variety of products that Prestigious Textiles store, it meant that the new PSS Narrow Aisle racking had to be built in a manner that allowed for sections to be handed over to the client for loading, while other sections were still being built.

Warehouse Storage Solutions were also contracted to supply, deliver and install column guards and anti-collapse safety mesh for  this project, as well as the PSS Narrow Aisle pallet racking and a mezzanine floor.

Dominic Clarke of Prestigious Textiles said,

“Due to continuous growth at Prestigious Textiles Ltd we started to plan the integration of our two main warehouses into one new warehouse that became available around September 2015. September  to December is our busiest time of year,and the pressure was on for us to install our new warehouse with enough pallet racking to house 100,000 rolls of cloth which would  increase our capacity  to grow by around 40%. 

Matthew Powell and his team at Warehouse Storage Solutions responded to our needs with great speed. They provided  good guidance  on how to maximise our storage capacity while maintaining a very safe, light and spacious warehouse and they offered usproducts from a highly reputable manufacture at very competitive prices.”

Matthew Powell of Warehouse Storage Solutions said,

”As always,  working with PSS - Constructor Group has been  a pleasure. The speed of response that they work to enables us to offer the same level of service that our customers come to expect.”


PSS Stronglock Narrow Aisle racking. Galvanised uprights with painted beams 8.3m high with a total number of 11 runs of racking.

Up to 16 beam levels per bay for textile rolls with 2.4m beam lengths.

About the customer

Warehouse Storage Solutions, based in Harrogate, have been a PSS distributor for many years. They supply many well known clients with racking and mezzanine floor solutions.